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Reiki: It's Not a 'One and Done'

Published by on August 29, 2021

We have all had Reiki-curious clients. These are clients who come to us either by word of mouth or through our social media connections who really don’t know what Reiki is and how beneficial receiving Reiki can be for them, but they are interested enough to try it. These clients who don’t have a good understanding about what the long-term benefits are of receiving Reiki on a regular basis, will come in for one session and may not return even though they loved the way they felt after their session. Some of them may return, but not with the consistency in which we would prefer so that we can be of the best assistance to them and their healing needs.

Part of the problem I see and have experienced with past clients is the lack of understanding combined with perhaps an unrealistic expectation that these one-off clients may. They may believe that one Reiki session will cure all their woes, and when their symptoms return, they may not feel encouraged to book another session. Reiki is magical and transformational, but it is not a magic pill. Transformation takes time and dedication.

While we know that just one Reiki session will leave a person feeling relaxed, clear-headed, and peaceful, we also know that there is so much more to how they come to experiencing those results. We also know that this is why Reiki is called a “practice,” because it takes more than one session to have lasting effects.

During a Reiki session, we are connecting the physical to the mental, emotional, and spiritual layers of the individual. These layers become disconnected when a person experiences any kind of trauma in their lives, no matter how intense or inconsequential. The layers of energy of a human body fluctuate during a day, a week, a month, and a year. These fluctuations coupled with a lack of self-care begins to create imbalances on an energetic level which eventually leads to disease in the body. Dis-ease, a lack of ease, an absence of ease in the regular function of all the body’s systems.

Most people are just waking up to the terms “energy body,” “chakras,” “auric field,” etc. They really don’t know what all these things are because it is not part of our regular health education growing up. In the United States, our healthcare system is not set up to support all the systems of the body that benefit from energy medicine as well as allopathic medicine. My own physician who is an excellent internist, does not believe that energy medicine is a real and beneficial practice. I’m sure many of you have experienced the same judgment by some of your doctors.

Our job as practitioners is to provide our newbie clients with enough practical information to take back with them so that they not only understand the energetic changes they experience during a Reiki session, but also understand the benefits of incorporating Reiki sessions into their health and wellness routines (whether they have one or not) on a weekly or monthly basis. We can choose to verbally explain the chakra system and auric field and how it affects our physical bodies, but I find it more effective to provide clients with some type of printed material because, let’s face it, between your post-session discussions and their ride home, they may forget the information you shared with them.

It is equally important to explain to our clients the benefits of repetitive Reiki sessions. Every practitioner uses a different approach to how they provide their services. In providing our clients with the best service possible, explaining to them the method of how we conduct our sessions can bring them to a better understanding of the results they can expect to experience. For example, you may be a practitioner who works on all three layers in one session; or another example is you may be a practitioner who focuses on the affected chakras from session to session like spot treatments. Whatever your healing style is, the goal is to provide the client with enough information to take back with them so that they are knowledgeable about the experience and are encouraged to come back for more sessions because they understand the process and their needs on a deeper level.

We have a responsibility to offer our clients, friends and family continued Reiki support after their initial sessions. We also have a responsibility to our clients to provide them with a clear explanation of how Reiki works and the benefits of continued Reiki care.

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