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Spring 2024 Eclipse Season

The first eclipse season of 2024 is here, and I want to know, “Are you ready?”

Today I heard the most spectacular description of what these eclipse seasons means for humanity.  I am paraphrasing, but to put it simply think of the eclipse seasons as moments when we get to reboot our human computers.  Have you ever been using your computer, and suddenly everything freezes up and the only thing you can do for it to clear out that mishap is to turn it off, wait 15 minutes, and turn it back on?  Well, that’s exactly what each eclipse season helps us to do!

I know eclipse season gets a lot of hype which can create a ton of fear, but this simplified explanation of what the eclipses represent to us changed the way I look at them and took the fear right out of it.  And now I want to share it with you!

First, we have the full moon lunar eclipse.  We begin this eclipse season with a full moon in Libra on Monday, January 25th in the northern hemisphere.  Our last eclipse was back on October 28-29 of 2023.  From then until now, we have been gathering information, experiences, and living through the energies of our daily lives.  (Loading up our human computer’s hard drive with lots of good stuff but also lots of junk files.)  This full moon lunar eclipse gives us a chance to power down our main computer (body, mind and spirit) so that we can clear away anything that we have gathered since the last solar eclipse that does not serve us.  Think of it as clearing the cache of your computer so that all the temporary files can be removed, and your main computer can work more efficiently.

The two weeks between this lunar eclipse and the solar eclipse should be a time where you look back at the last six months of your life and review your experiences, your emotions, your health habits, and your spiritual practices and look at it from the lens of ‘what should I keep and what can I let go of.’  What is beneficial, and what no longer serves me?  If you keep a journal or a diary, you can read over some of the entries to see where you were at during the last eclipse season in the fall of 2023 to get a sense of any patterns that you may have experienced that were either beneficial or not, and that can point you in the right direction moving forward.

This two-week reboot period is a great time to journal and analyze the things you are ready to release.  If you recall from one of my pervious newsletters, I like to write down the things that I want to release and create a fire ceremony dedicated to the release of those things.  I find fire ceremonies to be very cathartic and they are a way for me to clear the path.  I forgive myself for any missteps or judgements, and I am able to move forward with a clearer mind on where I want to go next.  If you don’t know how to create a fire ceremony, it’s simple!  Click below to access my instructions on creating a fire ceremony. 

Full Moon Fire Ceremony
Download PDF • 291KB

This is also a wonderful time to clear out anything in your living space that either you no longer use or does not continue to bring you joy.  Personally, I just moved into a new home, so I did a lot of clearing out during the moving process.  But there are still some things that I brought with me that I no longer need or use, so during this two-week period, I will be donating and clearing these things out.  Eclipses have a way of bringing out into the open anything that you have swept under the rug, so be sure to shine a light on the dark little corners of your life and home that you have been ignoring and clear them out!

The moon will be in Libra during this time.  Libra is the sign of balance.  The lunar south node is also in Libra.  The lunar south node represents our past and lessons we have to learn.  So, it’s all about balancing what may have gone out of balance in your life since the last eclipse season and what you learned from this imbalance.  So how can you balance what you’ve learned with what you need to keep or release?

Then, we will have the new moon solar eclipse in Aries on April 8th in the northern hemisphere.  Time to turn the switch back on and bring your main computer back online again.  Now, you know what I am going to say:  set your intentions for the next six months!!!  What seeds do you want to plan that will move your life forward the way you would like?  This is a six-month plan, so don’t just set intentions that you want to see manifest by the next new moon, think big and allow the universe time to help you manifest these intentions.   

If you want to set an intention to buy a new home, for example, that’s great!  The universe takes note and starts working on how to bring that to fruition.  Now, what do YOU need to do to make that happen?  The universe co-creates with you, so don’t just set intentions and forget about them.  Set intentions for goals you would like to reach and plan out what you will do to reach them. Try setting smaller goals and intentions that you can work on monthly to bring the final goal into actuality.  Things like checking and fixing your credit score, reviewing your income and savings and begin budgeting the paying off of any old debt and saving, creating a spending plan and budget for your regular expenses, work on putting yourself on solid financial ground, or at least in a financial place where you can see that new home purchase materializing at the end of the six months.  It may take a bit longer than six months, but at least you are on the road to making this dream happen.  You’ll be surprised by the little nuggets that the universe drops in your lap on your journey to realize your dreams.  This method will work with any intention you set whether it’s a new home, a new car, a new job, a dream vacation, ANYTHING!

The sun will be in Aries at this time.  Aries is the sign of action!  So let the energy of Aries propel you forward into the next six months and create a new direction.  The north lunar node is in Aries at this time, too.  The north lunar node is about where we are going after learning from our lessons in the south node.  It represents our future.  This is also the beginning of the astrological year, so think of it as the beginning of something new and wonderful for you!

So, don’t pay attention to the fear voiced around eclipse season that you may be exposed to on social media.  Eclipse season is a time of resetting your course.  If you set goals last eclipse season and you didn’t reach them, go back to those intentions or goals you set and revise them during the two weeks between the lunar and solar eclipses.  Maybe there are things in those intentions or goals that don’t quite match either the energy that you are putting out into your daily life or the methods you are using to achieve them, and they need to be readjusted. 

This does not just apply to this particular eclipse season; you can use this guide for every eclipse season.  And if you need a reminder, I will be back next eclipse season to ask the same questions:  Where have you been?  What have you learned?  What are you releasing?  What do you want to accomplish? And where are you going?

Happy Spring Eclipse Season! 

If you would like to know more about how this eclipse season will affect you personally, email me at for an astrological aspect reading to get more personalized information about what energies are in store for you during this eclipse season.

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