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Significant Astrological Dates for April 2024

Updated: Mar 27

April is approaching rapidly, bringing along anticipated astrological transits that will undoubtedly influence our lives in various ways. Here's a glimpse into the energies to anticipate this month, their potential impacts on different sun signs, and some strategies for effectively navigating them.

April 1st – Mercury Retrograde in Aries

(Retrograde Dates are 4/1 – 4/25)

Signs Most Affected:  Aries/Gemini/Leo/Virgo/Sagittarius

Theme:  Disorganization/Not getting things done on time

Keys to managing this retrograde: 
  1. Maintain your sense of humor.

  2. Schedule an extra two weeks for getting things done.

  3. Be skeptical – double/triple check everything.

April 5th – Venus in Aries

Signs Most Affected:  Aries/Taurus/Gemini/Leo/Libra/Aquarius – Fire & Air signs will attract this energy.

Theme:  Magnet for trouble

Keys to managing this transit:
  1. Attracting passionate people, but also people who are unapologetic.

  2. Watch out for psychological baggage like secrets or betrayal.

  3. Increase in romantic or business associations.

  4. Break ups and make ups, which are equally important because when you collaborate with others it can bring out great ideas.

April 8th – Solar Eclipse in Aries

Please look out for my New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries post coming on April 1st for a breakdown of how this New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries will affect each sign!


April 10th – Mars Conjunct Saturn in Pisces

Signs Most Affected:  Aries/Cancer/Scorpio/Capricorn/Aquarius/Pisces

Theme:  People in your life that depend on you too much for emotional or financial support.

Keys to managing this transit:
  1. Practicing patience, because you never know when these same people who depend on you can be your support.

  2. Sometimes people just want attention whether it’s positive or negative.

  3. Pisces asks you to love unconditionally.  Sometimes people who need the most love are the ones who deserve it the least.


April 19th – Mars Sextiles Jupiter & Uranus in Taurus

Signs Most Affected:  Aries/Taurus/Cancer/Virgo/Sagittarius (because of Jupiter)/Capricorn/Aquarius (because of Uranus)/Pisces

Theme:  Quickening energy will take incomplete projects and put them on a fast-track to completion.

Keys to managing this transit:
  1. Set due dates for any tasks you’ve had pending.

  2. Great time for realizing projects.

  3. Things come through to completion by April 29th that are begun during this period.


April 20th – Jupiter & Uranus Conjunction in Taurus

Signs Most Affected:  Taurus/Leo/Virgo/Scorpio/Capricorn/Aquarius

Theme:  Abundance that keeps giving!  Sudden and unexpected upset or reversal

Keys to managing this transit:
  1. Choice opportunities for you to introduce reform in order to salvage things that govern our lives.

  2. Opportunity to take projects and whittle them down to their basic essence or need and work with the specific thing to make it better. 

  3. Sudden illumination and opportunity for a spike in your vibration and you see things from a higher perspective.

**This is a much awaited and celebrated 13–14-year transit, so if you are one of the signs most affected by it, TAKE ADVANTAGE!


April 23rd – Full Moon in Scorpio

Signs Most Affected:  Taurus/Cancer/Leo/Scorpio/Aquarius

Theme:  End of a Long Emotional Chapter

Keys to managing this transit:
  1. Saying goodbye won’t be easy, but you have to even if it is temporary.

  2. You may not want to be there for others, but there is a need for you to recognize that people will need you to be there for them even if you are going through your own pain.

  3. Avoid retreating to tend to your wounds because it may lead you down a dark emotional path.

  4. Comforting others will be comforting to you, too.


April 29th – Venus in Taurus and Mars Conjunct Neptune

Signs Most Affected:  Aries/Cancer/Scorpio/Pisces

Theme:  Peace Loving Transits

Keys to managing this transit:
  1. Learning to forgive and forget.

  2. Learning to be agreeable and accommodating

  3. Restoring relationships


April 30th – Mars in Aries

Signs Most Affected:  Aries/Leo/Scorpio/Sagittarius

Theme:  Time to start your engines and get to work!

Keys to managing this transit:
  1. Feelings of waking up from a long dream where you didn’t get anything done.

  2. All the confusion will be cleared up.

  3. Taking action and applying what you learned while Mars was in Pisces about patience and compassion and applying it to your life now.

Embrace the journey!

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