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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries

Hello everyone!  As you may have heard, on April 8, 2024, we will have the first new moon solar eclipse of 2024. This is the time to start setting intentions and saying affirmations for the next six months!!!


In your journals, set out a page with these intentions and affirmations so that when the next full moon lunar eclipse comes around in the fall, you can take stock of what you accomplished, what you successfully released and moved on from, and it will remind you of how far you’ve come.  This reminder will help you adjust your plan and goals for the next six months, and you can burn your old journal entry in another fire ceremony.


I am always listening to podcasts from my favorite astrologers because I have a thirst for knowledge, and because I want to be aware enough to recognize the energies and how they affect my experience.  Below I will recommend some of these astrologers, but I want to bring you the knowledge I gained about the effects of this Solar Eclipse in Aries for each sign. 


This Solar Eclipse in Aries is forecasted to bring radical change in direction for everyone.  Think of what your GPS tells you when you take a different route from the one it recommended: “Recalculating.”  That’s the energy of this Solar Eclipse.  You will have the opportunity to take a different route.  The Sun finally shines a light on your path, and you could experience a blind sudden impulse to do something different and to find your own way through, and quickly! To echo what I said in my previous eclipse blog post, this is not about creating fear, but seeing the possibilities and working with the cosmic energies.


Something important to note, the Solar Eclipse in Aries will activate the particular house in which this eclipse falls in your particular chart.  For me, it is on my 10th house, the house of Career and Public Recognition.  Your house placements are dictated by the date of your birth, but they are specific to the time of day on which you were born.  If you don’t have that information, you can use what is called a Whole Sign chart. 


In the details by sign below, I have used a whole sign chart to give you information on which house may be affected by the Solar Eclipse in your chart.  But please also note, that house placements may also be affected by the day you were born, like whether you are a January Aquarius or a February Aquarius.  I recommend that to find where the eclipse falls in your chart, first you use any online astro calculator to calculate your birth chart whether by whole sign or with the actual time of your birth, look where Aries is in your chart, and you will know what house it is in. For the sake of this post, I will use the whole sign chart attached below.



Of course, this Solar Eclipse in your sign will have a dramatic effect on your current course.  You will find an activation in the house in which this Solar Eclipse in your particular chart.  Aries is the ruler of the first house, the house of the self.  You may experience radical change in your appearance and the personality you project out into the world. 



You may suddenly experience a radical change in your finances or find yourself involved in a new business that you were not expecting.  Taurus rules the second house, the house of resources and self-worth.  The sun may shine a light on new financial opportunities and what you value.



There may be an experience of being thrown into a different situation within your personal relationships either with friends or acquaintances.  Gemini rules the third house, the house of interactions, siblings, and short trips.  You may get an unexpected invitation to a weekend getaway or staycation!



You may experience something brewing within your work environment that may urge you to take a stance and bring things to the attention of your superiors.  Maybe things are not going the way you think they should, and you may feel like your boss may need a little advice.  Although you don’t have a habit of doing this, you may be shining a light on something that could be of benefit to you.  Cancer rules the fourth house, the house of home and family.  Maybe it’s a parent that needs your guidance or that needs you to get involved!


This transit could find you thrust into an unexpected leadership role!  Leo rules the fifth house, the house of self-expression, love, romance, and children.  Perhaps you will take the lead in any one of these aspects of your life.



This could be a tricky one for you, dear Virgos!  You may be feeling like you are not in synch with someone in charge.  And you don’t like that!  Or you may find yourself having to clean up after them.  Virgo rules the sixth house, the house of work, health and daily routines.  So, you may come to the realization that you’ve been cleaning up after others for far too long. 



People you are in partnership with may decide that they no longer want to partner with you in either your personal or business life.    Libra rules the seventh house, the house of relationships, marriages, and connections.  Oh, they will change their mind, but you may come to the realization that their departure was a good idea making you say BYE FELICIA! 



Something that you once thought might be impossible to achieve suddenly becomes possible!  Scorpio rules the eight house, the house of transformation, intimacy, and shared resources.  Were you quietly obsessing over something that you couldn’t have?  Well, now it is available to you.  But in true Scorpio form you may have some doubts as to whether it’s still something you want.  The tables may turn and what you once fought for is now given to you, but it poses a whole new set of challenges.



The Solar Eclipse takes you directly to where you want to go.  Sagittarius rules the ninth house, the house of higher learning, philosophy, travel, beliefs and expanded views. You may find yourself connecting with the true direction of your life!



You may find yourself on the wrong side of authority.  This may bring conflict to your outer world.  Capricorn rules the tenth house, the house of reputation, ambition, visibility, and career.  People may be questioning your authority, and you may find yourself looking for ways to calm things down.  There may also be changes in your family like new members joining the family.



This Solar Eclipse will act as an accelerant to your world.  You will now have access to the things you need in order to do things the way you’ve wanted them done!  Aquarius is the ruler of the eleventh house, the house of friendships, social ideals, and social networks.  Complications will be removed, and things will move on a fast track.



You may come face-to-face with an issue that needs to be taken care of now during the Solar Eclipse.  The sun shines a light on all things, and it is shining its light on something in your finances that needs urgent action.  Pisces rules the twelfth house, the house of the subconscious, imagination, secret activities, and spirituality.  So, if you’ve had something you know you’ve been ignoring for a while, use your imagination to find a solution to this issue you’ve been avoiding. 

You may not think the immediate action is the right step to take, but you must do something!


I hope you have enjoyed my interpretation of the advice I’ve gathered from other astrologers.  Remember that eclipse energy is felt the six months before (for lunar eclipses) and after (for solar eclipses), so feel free to take some of the information above from your sun sign and create some affirmations and set some intentions with it.


Our world is changing so quickly now, and I have found that using tools like astrology to help me navigate the planetary energies helps me to be prepared for what’s around the corner. 


Next week, I will be sharing with you some of the key astrological dates for April and which signs they will impact the most. 


Buckle up and be ready to go when the Solar Eclipse in Aries hits on April 8, 2024!


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