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About Me

From the very first time I experienced working with energy, I knew I had found my calling.  I have been on a spiritual path since early adulthood, but it wasn’t until I experienced grief from personal loss that I began to seek out healing methods that would teach me to heal myself from the inside out. 


My very first experience with Reiki allowed me to release and heal from this loss, but I also discovered that the healing didn’t stop there.  I had been holding onto years of mental and emotional anguish buried deep in my psyche which affected the health of my mind and physical body daily.  Then it dawned on me:  If I was holding onto grief from the past, I imagined that others around me must be experiencing the same suppression of grief and unresolved trauma.  


This realization gave birth to an overwhelming need to help others to reach the same state of harmony and balance that I was experiencing through my personal practice.  My discoveries in the natural healing arts have taught me how to live my life with a more heart-centered approach.  This prompted me to open my healing practice to others with empathy and compassion.


I became a Reiki Master Teacher and Certified Crystal Healer and expanded my healing skills to include color, sound, and scent therapies.  My education and training continued, and I can further help my clients discover their true healing potential by tapping into the information contained in their astrological charts and Akashic Records.  Through my practice with all these modalities, I discovered my natural ability to promote healing and wellness for myself and others.

Education and Certifications

Affiliate Memeber of International Center for Reiki Training, 2012

Third Degree Reiki Master Therapist, 2012

Crystal Healing Levels 1 & 2, 2013

Astrological Chart Interpretation Levels 1, 2 & 3, 2020

Akashic Records Consultation Levels 1, 2, and 3, 2021

Published Articles & Collaborations

  • Articles published by since 2013, found here

  • Articles publised by 2019

  • Healing Hands for Nurse's Week for Memorial West Hospital, Pembroke Pines, FL, May 2018, 2019, 2022 and 2023

  • SoFlo Health Local 10 Segment on Reiki, September 2018

  • Awaken Wellness Fair,  Port St. Lucie, FL, January 2019

  • Speaker on Topics Relating to Reiki and Energy Healing, Nutrition Smart, Palm Beach Gardens, FL since March 2019

  • Speaker for Spring Summit, May 2019

Integrative Holistic Wellness Specialist
Pink Lotus Flower

My Philosophy

Empathy, compassion and non-judgment. 


Emerald House is a relaxing and safe environment created to teach these three principles through heart-centered holistic healing practices and non-religious spiritual guidance. 


Whether you are interested in experiencing the benefits of energy healing or would like to become a practitioner, we offer a wide variety of services and workshops carefully tailored to fit your individual needs.  We will guide you at every step of your healing journey to bring about awareness and connection with universal consciousness.

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