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Reiki for New Moms

So, we know Reiki is great for prenatal care by helping the expectant mom be calmer and more confident and clearer about her choices.

Can it be equally beneficial for new moms suffering from postpartum symptoms like stress, depression, anxiety, and fear? The answer is ABSOLUTELY!

According to the Mayo Clinic, a woman can experience "baby blues" which include symptoms such as mood swings, anxiety, sadness, irritability, crying and trouble sleeping to name a few.

These symptoms are known to last only a few days to a week or two after giving birth. Postpartum depression, however, may be confused for "baby blues" at first, but the symptoms become much more intense and can last longer.

Unfortunately, Postpartum Depression, like many other forms of depression, carries a stigma and not a lot of women own up to what they are experiencing for fear of rejection. With Reiki we can alleviate symptoms like intense irritability and anger, fear, concentration and clarity, and anxiety.

Reiki is not a replacement for professional medical attention. I would urge any new mother experiencing such symptoms to visit her physician and discuss what methods of care are available to her. Reiki can simply be utilized as a healing modality that will compliment professional medical care.

As a new mom, a woman should be aware that taking care of herself is as important as taking care of her newborn. It's okay to take that nap or that hot bath while baby sleeps.

Momma needs down time, too. Having the support of family members and friends during this time is also crucial to a new mother. New moms often need to let off steam and vent, too. And that's okay!

Too often new moms become isolated in their little momma/baby world which can ultimately affect the mother's mental health.

Reiki sessions for new moms help them to cope with things like sadness, irritability, lack of confidence, or even fear that often comes from isolation.

In Reiki, we treat the chakra system. Starting with the Root chakra, Reiki will help a new mom to regain her sense of stability. At the Sacral chakra, a new mom will regain her sex drive or her desire to create. In the Solar Plexus chakra, she will regain her self-confidence so she can shine her light on everyone around her again. A balanced Heart chakra will have a new mom feeling the love for herself and her loved ones.

When all the lower chakras are balanced, she will be able to communicate in a more loving way with a strong Throat chakra. The clarity and intuition she needs will return to her Third Eye chakra powered by all the chakras below it. And, finally, she will begin to feel more connected to herself, her loved ones, and her divine God, Source, or Light through the Crown chakra.

How does all of this yummy goodness happen?

Reiki assists in alleviating anxiety, depression, fear, worry, and a host of other mental health issues in a gentle and relaxing way. There are other alternative healing modalities that can be combined with Reiki to bring about further healing.

Things like sound therapy, essential oils, and wearing or carrying crystals all help the new momma to continue to feel good even after her sessions are over.

Other Recommendations for New Moms

These recommendations can be applied separately or in combination to help them stay balanced and in tune with their needs while still providing for baby. All of these modalities can also be used at bedtime to promote a restful sleep for as long as baby lets momma sleep.

Soothing Sounds

Spa-like music or singing bowls (works great for calming baby down, too)

Essential Oils

A few drops of lavender, lemon grass or white lotus in a diffuser or diluted on the skin of wrists, temples and under the nose.


Wearing or carrying smokey quartz for soothing negative emotions or Kunzite to avoid depression and anxiety during daily activities.

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