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Pillar #3 of the 4 Pathways Wellness Program™

Supporting the emotional layer of your being during your journey in the 4 Pathways Wellness Program™ will come from various experiences we will share.

Here again, I take the information about your emotional which you provided in the beginning of the program, and we begin releasing and clearing.

As we progress through the program, we will not only address the affects that your healthcare regimen has had on your emotionally, but we will also uncover emotions that perhaps have long been buried in your psyche and your emotional body that are creating dis-ease.

There may be some emotions that you are obvious to you, and you deal with them daily. However, there may be some that you are not so keen to notice because our subconscious minds tend to suppress painful memories to protect us from feeling grief or sorrow.

A suppressed emotion can live in the body for many years before it manifests in your physical body as pain or dis-ease. This is where the journey really turns inward and assists in healing from emotions that need to be released with the assistance of the tools we will work with. And I have many to choose from!

Moving through the Auric field we discussed previously, we move onto the emotional energy in your biofield.

The emotional body is also part of the physical plane and is located at the Sacral charka.

The celestial body is part of the spiritual plane and is located at the Third-Eye chakra.

During this phase of the journey, we will work with the energy of these emotional bodies. I will provide you with materials that explain this process and give you tools that you can use to continue to support the connection between your physical plane and your spiritual plane.

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