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How does a healing practitioner get healed?

Just because we are healers or persons who assist others in their healing transformations doesn’t mean we don’t need healing, too.

It’s from our own wounds that we can work with others specializing in the types of wounds we carry.

Take the case of a person who has repressed emotions due to coming out as LGBTQ at a very young age. He or she may have emotions around who and where they feel comfortable being themselves.

That same person could easily seek energy healing from someone who happens to have a wound around dealing with criticism at a very early age. The wounds don’t have to be exactly the same for the healing practitioner to help the client. This is where the spiritual component of what we do kicks in. Spirituality is not just a religious belief or a belief in a higher power, it is also showing compassion and empathy for another and relating to their issues, illnesses, fears, etc.

In this case, by relating to the client’s experiences around the shame wound, the healing practitioner can provide a safe space and a connection to their client’s wound because they too have experienced a similar repressed emotion.

An inner wisdom begins to form in a healing practitioner when we heal ourselves. Healing practitioners will often work with other healers that can help them attain the wisdom of the lesson from their wounds. Healing practitioners also heal while they are healing their clients. As healers, we are reminded of our strength in overcoming our wounds when we work with a client who has a similar wound. An energetic exchange of healing, learning, and growth happens here.

The inner work can become the outer work once the wisdom from our wounds is gained, and we can assist others in reaching the healing we ourselves needed.

Every one of us is a healer in our own way, whether we recognize it or not.

Recognizing that we need healing around a particular wound is the first step on a transformational journey. You will find that healing past wounds from childhood or early adulthood will give you the space to feel liberated and safe to be who you are truly meant to be.

Wishing you health and healing!

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