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From Hands On to Virtual: A Transitioning Practice

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I have been a holistic wellness practitioner since 2012. Through all the years that I have been practicing Reiki and other complimentary holistic modalities, I have gained experience and knowledge from working on my own healing journey as well as working with Reiki clients. Like a lot of us when we first start out, there has been a lot of trial and error in my practice. But through the years, I began developing a style of practice that really resonates with me as well as my soul clients.

In 2018, I dedicated myself whole-heartedly to my practice after becoming unemployed. I felt I needed to step up my game if I was going to provide better support to my clients and step fully into my path as a holistic wellness specialist. I took speaking classes, I hired a holistic business coach, and I bought all kinds of crystals and other healing supplies. I painted and revamped my home studio, made YouTube videos, created a website, and continued to write articles that were published. I made connections with other wellness practitioners, booked speaking engagements, and began teaching, too.

As many practitioners have had to do, I was forced to return to the workforce because of my financial commitments. So, in May of 2019, I went back to my legal profession. I told myself that I could have a healthy balance between both my job (legal) and my career (spiritual). However, the reality is that my career took a backseat to the job because of the high stress, high demand, and amount of mental focus it took to do the work required of me. I had done so much healing and spiritual development in my career that the first year at the job went well for me.

Shortly after my one-year anniversary at the job and after a glowing evaluation by my superiors, I began to feel empty, however. I began realizing what being a superstar at my job had cost me. I was beginning to hear the familiar call of my spiritual path, and then the Universe started to make my life uncomfortable after a series of personal events. It was now the beginning of summer in the pandemic year, and I knew I needed to refocus my attention on my spiritual path and career to improve the aspects of my life which were now feeling the effects of this neglect.

Amidst the pandemic, I decided to do what no one else would have done in my shoes. I booked a trip to beautiful and magical Sedona, Arizona. I felt the need for a spiritual retreat. After this five-day personal retreat, I returned to Miami with a renewed sense of purpose and with more clarity about my life purpose and what really mattered in my life: providing holistic wellness opportunities at a higher level to my community, even if it meant including virtual services.

On the job front, my interest in being on top of things began to fall by the wayside. I was no longer “on top of my game.” I began making mistakes because my heart was no longer in it! Sure, I was working from home, but the work was still as demanding as when we were in the office. This volume of work would often keep me from focusing on my personal Reiki practice. At the end of a regular workday, even though I would make plans to begin developing new programs and new services, I was always too mentally drained to accomplish these tasks.

I concluded that I needed to prioritize what really mattered in my life. I started creating marketing strategies for my practice on social media, and I created free virtual Reiki healing circles. I wanted to reconnect with my community through the virtual Reiki circles because I knew there was a need for people to feel relief from the stress and anxiety resulting from the lockdowns and the fear of the pandemic.

I began to do in-person healing sessions as well; only this time, in a much more sterile environment and requiring the use of masks. I still conducted space clearing in my studio before and after clients to clear the energy, but now I also had to change the table sheets and wipe down the furniture as well with disinfecting products. This is the price we pay for the pandemic while still trying to bring healing to our communities. I also began learning advanced meditation techniques and working with different types of sound healing tools. My intuition began to grow in a way that I no longer felt embarrassed to offer different types of tarot and oracle card readings.

But the Universe was not done with me yet! Just as I had intuitively suspected in early 2020, my employment did not last past January 2021. I had become too comfortable with being able to depend on my salary, even though I continually reasoned with my guides that it was just a means to an end (meaning that I the job provided me with the financial flexibility to continue to invest in my spiritual development), but they also knew how unhappy I was having to be tied to this 9 to 5.

Today, I offer a wide-range of services virtually as well as in-person. For in-person healings, I make sure to ask my clients if they have been recently tested for the virus, and I require them to wear a mask during their session. Although it is uncomfortable, I too, wear a mask during the sessions. Many of us have had to find a way to transition from the in-person practice to the virtual world, and while it is not an easy task to accomplish, with the right guidance from spirit and the right technical support and knowledge, it can be done!

I feel very fortunate to have the ability to offer virtual distance healing services to my clients. The new virtual platform allows me to teach and send distance healing as well.

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