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Energy Healing for the 12th House

Welcome back to the second part of this Pisces and 12th House cycle discussion.

The 12th House has many attributes and focuses on areas of life that are not always pleasant. Yet, it is a house for growth. The 12th House represents the closing of the astrological year. It’s a time of going within, taking stock of the year behind us, and determining what chapters of our lives need closure and what new projects we would like to start.

It is known as the house of self-undoing—your shadow self. It’s a place where we can go within and deconstruct the parts of ourselves that we don’t always show the outside world. It represents seclusion, isolation, exile and hiding from the world which is perfect for taking that time out from who we are socially and working on our inner self. It also represents faraway places, institutions, and religion, so it may be a good time to go on a religious or spiritual retreat far from home.

The 12th House is a complex house because it is considered part of a different world, a mystical place. Some of the key attributes of this house include spirituality, fantasies and inspirations, sleeping, dreams, the subconscious; it can also represent places of confinement like prisons, mental asylums, hospitals and monasteries; secrets, sorrow, suffering, confusion, addiction, and escapism. In astrology, this house is about illusion, a different state of mind, but also about inspiration, and unconditional love.

So, what kind of energy healing can we practice working with the energy of this house?

We can work with the journal entries we wrote about from the Pisces article where we were taking stock of where we are on our spiritual journey; what adjustments we are looking to make on our spiritual development to feel more connected to the divine; and our openness to the discovery of new avenues of spirituality that we would like to explore.

A spiritual practice, no matter the faith, can be very healing. If you have been neglecting your spiritual practice, now would be a good time to plan a new spiritual routine since the 12th House is opposite the 6th House, and the 6th House represents routines.

Our spiritual work can also be done through our dreams which are sometimes said to be the expression of our subconscious mind.

Think of the subconscious mind as a tape recorder for the life you are living (or for all the lives you have lived—if you believe in reincarnation). Every word, deed, and thought is stored here. How many words, thoughts or deed do you do or have in one day? It’s no wonder why sometimes our dreams don’t make any sense to us once we are awake. They can be a jumbled collection of past and present, experiences and memories, fears and truths.

As part of your healing work during this cycle, try keeping a dream journal or a diary of some sort about the dreams you can recall. I personally have a terrible time remembering them, and that’s something I want to improve because I do believe that we can receive valuable insight about what healing work we need to focus on from the information contained in our subconscious mind.

At the end of the 12th house cycle, look back at the dreams you have been able to record (forgive yourself for not being able to remember dreams you have—believe me—if your subconscious wants you to remember it you will). If you are like me and you would love to record your dreams, but you have a hard time remembering them even if you keep a journal by your bedside to remind you to write them down, try setting an intention before you go to sleep to remember the dreams you have had. Practice makes perfect, and I am committed to add this to my practice this month.

You can also add to this if you like taking naps. Personally, I find that I am able to have more lucid dreams when I take an afternoon nap.

When the cycle is over, review the dreams you have recorded. Is there an over-arching theme to these dreams? Do they repeat? Did you see symbols or numbers or dates? Do you recall how you felt in the dreams? Were they joyful and pleasant or were they dark and scary?

You can learn a lot about how to navigate your waking life by paying attention to the messages you get from your subconscious, your higher self, spirit, your guides, or loved ones who have passed when your start paying attention to the patterns of the dreams. Even if you can only remember a portion, a scene, or one detail, that’s okay. Eventually you will be able to connect the dots.

Figuring out what your subconscious is trying to tell you through your dreams is where you can focus your self-care and healing.

Now let’s talk 12th House and the Chakras

By now we know that the 12th House correlates to the astrological sign of Pisces. The modern ruling planet of this house is Neptune. The qualities of Neptune include the ideals, extra-sensory perception, the ocean, alcohol, oil, imagination, intuition, spirituality, and psychic phenomena. The corresponding chakra for this planet is the 6th Chakra or Ajna Chakra commonly known as the Third Eye Chakra.

But we can also include the energy of Jupiter which is the traditional ruler of the 12th house. The qualities of Jupiter include expansion and growth, optimism and good fortune, excesses of life, philosophy and other big ideas, enthusiasm and laughter, and adventure. Jupiter is associated with the Sacral Chakra or Svadhishthana Chakra.

In my Reiki practice, I teach about the connection between the Sacral chakra and the Third Eye chakra. The Sacral chakra is the emotional body—the lower emotional aspect (lower because it is part of our physical being); and the Third Eye chakra is the celestial body—the emotional aspect of our higher consciousness. There is a mystical connection between the chakra of our emotions (Sacral) and the chakra of our intuition (Third Eye).

This is important because our emotions are given free expression in our dreams, and this is the benefit of working with that dream journal I mentioned before. Deciphering your dreams with the help of a dream journal can also help to bring balance these chakras.

In the next section, you will notice that rather than choosing crystals that are of vibrant orange tones like the color that corresponds to the Sacral chakra, I have selected cooler toned crystals that correspond with the Third Eye chakra. This is because these crystals can help to cool down an over-active Sacral chakra and further your spiritual dream work. Since the 12th house and Pisces is a time of going within and really closing old wounds and birthing something new, working with the Sacral chakra as well as the Third Eye chakra can help to close old chapters, heal from old wounds, and find peace and comfort for your emotional state.

These crystals can also help this chakra to reconnect emotionally with our spirituality and our beliefs.

Other healing work you can do during this time and for these chakras is shadow work, working with lower/higher self. You can find many meditation videos for this online that can help to guide you if you are interested in doing this work.

You can also work with aromatherapy during this time with scents like jasmine, neroli, patchouli, vanilla and white lotus. If you are doing intention work during the lunar cycle, as part of your intention setting whether it is for attracting or releasing use the phrase “I desire” at the beginning of your intentions.

If I had to choose crystals to work with during this cycle for the 12th house, I would choose (1) Blue Lace Agate (one of my personal favorites), (2) Angelite (which can come in warmer tones like yellow and orange—but I chose the blue tones here), and (3) Aquamarine. Below is information on each lovingly quoted from my personal crystal bible by author, Melody[1].

Blue Lace Agate

“Can help to remove blockages from the nervous system and from the capillaries of the body. It also promotes cohesiveness in thought and maintenance of the state of health.

Astrological sign of Pisces – Vibrates to the number 5


“Allows for open communication with others with respect to spiritual issues; it helps to bring forth dreams into this reality.”

Astrological sign of Pisces – Vibrates to the number 2.


“It helps to attune to more spiritual levels of awareness; for those who are involved in spiritual development, it provides emotional and intellectual stability and enhances the connection with the higher self. It enables one to travel deep within the self and to understand the complexities, to simplify the resultant information, and to concurrently remain centered.”

Astrological sign of Pisces – Vibrates to the number 1

Some of you have sent me questions about the upcoming Reiki training classes. Here are a few details about them:

Q. What does Bilingual Online Reiki Training mean?

A. I offer these courses in both English and Spanish. You can choose whichever language you feel most comfortable with.

Q. When do classes start?

A. Classes are scheduled according to when you are ready to start. They will take place every Wednesday at 8:00 pm EST.

Up next… Aries and 1st House. See you next month!

[1] Love is in the Earth – A Kaleidoscope of Crystals Update by Melody, Twenty-Second Printing 2008

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