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Crying During Reiki: The Health Benefits of Tears

Published by on April 10, 2021

When tears flow during Reiki…

During my years of practice, I have encountered many clients who experience crying during their sessions. All of them apologize, and many find it difficult to control their tears. They think that by crying they are either affecting my channeling of the Reiki energy, or that they are breaking their meditative concentration. Neither can be further from the truth.

As a practitioner who has had to use my training and education in Reiki on myself for my own healing, I understand that receiving Reiki opens chakras and energetic channels that are closed or blocked due to our own attempts to suppress our emotions. Crying doesn’t just happen when we are sad over a loss. Crying can occur when we are angry or when we are under some other type of ongoing stressful situation. Many times, my clients come in with one type of complaint or ailment and will leave discovering parts of themselves that they didn’t even know were being affected by their emotions and needing healing. Reiki helps to release the known and the unknown.

When my clients apologize for their tears, I tell them that I welcome their tears. During sessions, practitioners are able to pick up on subtle changes in the client’s body if we pay attention. These subtle changes may be spontaneous deep breaths while clearing energy in a particular chakra, or the twitch of a limb as you are sending Reiki healing energy. These are all forms of release and the body’s readjustment to the new flow of energy. Tears are no different.

I tell my clients that tears are always welcome because there is always stuff that is good to release whether we are aware of it or not. I reassure my clients that they are in a safe space where whatever they want to discuss or express is always welcome. Sometimes our clients just need someone to listen and be a mirror to their emotions. Oftentimes when I measure my clients’ chakras before a Reiki session, and I give them some insight as to why one chakra or another may be closed or blocked, they don’t believe me or rather may think that what I am saying does not resonate with them and what they came in for. They don’t believe me until they begin to feel the energy flow and experience the subsequent flow of tears.

Crying is the body’s way of releasing energy. Think of it as the body’s way of exhaling. Our bodies have the miraculous capacity to heal itself, if we just give it the opportunity to do what it is designed to do. Often crying can be uncomfortable and not something we like doing. Society tells us that crying is seen as a form of weakness; but, in truth, this is where our strength lies. Reiki helps with opening the channels that are constricted by our mind’s inability to accept that healing reaction and need for the energetic release through our tears.

May this article support you and your practice, and may you receive my love and light with ease and grace…

Article by Reiki Master, Judy Camblor

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