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Why Do I Teach My Clients About Astrology?

Have you noticed a growth in popularity and interest in astrology across different communities? If you are asking yourself why that is, it’s because our consciousness is once again waking up to the ancient wisdom found in tracking the movement of the planets and their energetic effects on our planet and on humanity.

We are seeing an increase in the awakening of the collective consciousness to other ways of figuring out our purpose and direction in life.

Nowadays you will find less negative opinions of the esoteric arts, and more expansion of the mind and in the understanding that we are not just our current state of being.

What people are coming to understand now is that they can use astrological charts to find guidance, insight, and answers to many of the circumstances and events in our daily lives.

This is what I teach clients who come to see me for

energy healing sessions.

I have found my own unique way of helping my clients reach the healthy alignment they seek between their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health by weaving information from their astrology into healing sessions to better pinpoint what areas of life Reiki will be most beneficial.

What are the benefits of knowing what’s in your natal astrological chart?

Natal charts are calculated using your birth date, time, and place. This provides the reader with the exact planetary placements at the time you were born and how they

have influenced your life. You are not just your sun sign whether you are a Leo or an Aquarius or any other sign. Your chart contains aspects of all the signs and planets from the time that you were born. This explains why two people of the same sun sign can be so different. We have a little bit of every astrological sign within us.

What are the benefits of knowing what your transit chart looks like every month?

I love doing transit charts because it gives my clients a glimpse at how the current movements of the planets affect them as well as the repetitive cycles that they have encountered in life. Again, no two transit charts are exactly the same, so just because Jupiter may be in a favorable position for one Leo, that same Jupiter position may be detrimental to another Leo.

In Astrology, planets show us what (the energy) is happening; signs show us how (the feel/reaction) it is happening; and houses show us where (what area of life) it is happening.

Think of astrology as a three-tiered system. There are your ruling planets, the signs and the houses they were in at the time you were born.

Why do I combine astrological readings with my energy healing sessions?

When a client comes to me with a specific issue, I like to look at what their birth chart contains in the house representing that issue. If there are no planets in that house, I look at the sign that house is in for them. This gives me an idea of where I can help them with the many esoteric tools I have at my disposal.

Reading astrology charts is less about predicting the future, and more about understanding the cycles of life we live on this planet. This knowledge is useful because it provides an awareness that helps you to chart your own course in life. You can also learn why certain issues have always affected your life through the wisdom of your natal or birth chart. You can look backwards in time to find the reason why something happened to you, and you can also look forward to identify repeating patterns in your life that can either serve as a lesson or a period of abundance.

Personally, I have found that although the summer season is when I feel most energized because it is the season I was born in, I also fully enjoy the fall season in preparation for harvesting all the things I worked on earlier in the year. Astrology helps me to track the cycles of my life. I have a much better understanding of who I am and how things affect me personally by knowing the different aspects of my chart.

Are you curious about what is contained in your chart? Do you want to learn how to work with the energies of the stars to improve the state of your life? Book an astrological chart reading session with me either recorded or live to get started on understanding your life cycles and patterns and how to use these energies to your advantage.

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