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Why do I have a no house call policy?

֍ I have a safe space already created for my clients…

When you visit my studio, you will understand why I don’t do house calls. My studio is a safe space. My clients enjoy the calm and peace they meet when they enter my studio. Always clean and comfortable, we use the space for healing attunements, reiki, sound healing, and meditation without being disturbed.

֍ It is nearly impossible to transport all my healing tools

Imagine if your local pharmacist had to travel with all the medications, he thought you might need to treat a headache, but he would need to pack extra medications in case you needed something other than what he brought. What if after checking other areas of your body he found he needed to give you something other than what he brought with him… Impossible, right? That’s why I don’t do house calls. I have a collection of crystals, sound tools, oils, and chromotherapy tools—not to mention the infrared Biomat and Reiki table that make it impossible for me to transport everything so that I know that I am sufficiently prepared to effectively supply sessions for my clients.

֍ Location vibration affects the response

The work I do with my clients requires a clean and peaceful environment. If a client lives in a noisy house, they may be used to it and are able to tune out the noise, but my own concentration and comfort will be affected. Because I am a highly sensitive and intuitive person, I can sense and read the energy of a location sometimes before I even enter. I would need to contend with the energy of the chosen surroundings for your healing session. Other factors can affect the session like whether you live on a busy street, or whether your neighbor’s dog is always barking, or even if your housemates are home during the session. All of these factors can affect the overall quality of the session.

֍ Clearing a foreign space and set up time must be added to appt time

Before any healing session, I take the time to check in with my guides to see what I need to know for myself prior to your session. I meditate and clear my own energetic field. Next, I will prepare my studio by cleansing and activating the energy of the space. Everything in my studio is set up in a way to ensure I have easy access to all my tools during a healing session. If I need to travel to your space, I have to add time to your appointment to include all of these pre-session preparations.

֍ Travel time, distance, and mileage calculation must be factored into the price of your session

Depending on where you live, I must calculate travel time and mileage which will be factored into the price of your session(s). This is not an unreasonable request, however, you would be surprised how many people will reject the increase in pricing.

Wishing you lots of health and wellbeing!


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