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Taurus Season & Taurus New Moon


Creative, Grounded, kindhearted, patient, practical, predictable, security oriented, self-indulgent, sensual, serene, steadfast, stubborn


Venus is the planetary ruler of Taurus and also the brightest planet in our skies. Venus is also known as Aphrodite in Greek mythology. In astrology, Venus represents love, beauty and attraction.

Taurus Season

Taurus is a sign of creative, kind-hearted people. This sign also represents groundedness, patience, practicality, predictability, awareness of our security, self-indulgence, serenity, steadfastness, stubbornness, and sensuality. Sensuality as in the six senses. Through the energy of this earth element, we can work with our creativity to feel more grounded, be more pragmatic in our approach to life circumstances, and be more present in our routines. All of these activities can stimulate the senses during this season.

May 19, 2023

New Moon in Taurus

There is another new moon occurring this month in Aries, but I want to focus on the upcoming Taurus new moon. The Taurus new moon will be occurring on May 19, 2023, at 28°25’.

At this time, we can do things like setting some intentions around being more connected to your six senses. Yes, I said six again, because our intuition is a sense!

We can practice grounding meditations and being connected to the earth as we sit on the ground, or through the soles of our feet imagining roots connecting us to mother earth, or even walking barefoot in the grass while doing a walking meditation.

Chakra Work

The Throat chakra is one of my favorite chakras to work with because many of us have issues with communication: either speaking our truth, or letting others speak their truth without taking offense, and actively listening. These unspoken thoughts, when not channeled properly, can become suppressed emotions. So much healing can be found here through speaking, writing, and listening.

I know I am probably starting to sound like a broken record, but I find journaling to be both healing and grounding. Journaling can actually help to balance our Throat chakra energy. If you are not into writing, you can start a voice journal on your favorite device.

I find that if I have to speak to someone about a sensitive topic, rather than shooting from the hip, I prepare by journaling my thoughts. This helps me to organize my thoughts and get clear about my message. By reading my thoughts back to myself, I am able to look at my thoughts objectively, and also consider how I would like my message to land.

The Throat chakra is directly connected to the Root chakra which is known as the etheric auric field. Without getting too much into the weeds, our needs come from the Root chakra and can be expressed through the Throat chakra.

Practicing a grounding meditation is something that can benefit us during this Taurean season because Taurus is earth energy. The benefits of this practice helps us to feel more centered and present in the moment. Remember, you don’t have to be a Taurus to explore and experience some of the recommendations here.

Here are a few Taurus-centered journal prompt ideas to get you started:

  • What are my sensual needs (i.e., sight, sound, touch, taste, smell and energetic)?

  • Which of these needs do I feel needs the most attention right now?

  • How can I experience being more grounded and connected to fulfill my needs with this sense?

Wellness treatments you could benefit from during this season are aromatherapy massage, sound therapy, food-based body treatments.

You can also enjoy working with your hands like taking up pottery, knitting, or working on some other creative hobby. You can commune with nature by working on gardening which is a great way to feel grounded.

Listening to your favorite music or music that speaks to your senses is another way to feel connected and grounded. The Throat chakra can also be balanced by singing, so if you’re into it, SING! Sing in the shower, in the car, or go for a night of karaoke!

Yoga for Taurus Season

Bitilasana Setu Bandha Sarvangasana Dandasana

Crow Pose Bridge Pose Staff Pose

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