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Reiki Meditative Practices for Kids & Teens

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We are living in a vastly different world today, aren’t we? Well, that goes for our kids as well. There is so much to do about mental health nowadays, and it is not just for adults. We should also be teaching our children to care for their mental health as well.

I find that pre- and post-pandemic kids and teens are still experiencing the pressures of everyday student life. Of course, the dynamics have changed due to kids attending their classes virtually, but the pressure to do well is still present. Eventually our kids will return to brick-and-mortar schools, and we should be helping them transition back to the routine of interacting with their teachers and classmates. Teaching them awareness about their mental health is a great way to help them navigate these everyday interactions.

We have a responsibility to help our children create better lifestyles for themselves than the one their parents have lived. As the consciousness of the planet begins to rise, so should our own consciousness as parents. Simple meditation and breathwork exercises that we can teach our children to do daily, or at least as often as possible, can help our kids to create better study habits, and can also help to bring them more peace and clarity throughout their day.

Integrating simple meditation and breathwork techniques into the daily lives of our children can also help them to advance in their education with a more relaxed approach rather than worrying about their performance and the outcome.

Try these with your kids and see if it works for them.

Reiki Breathwork

Wake up a few minutes before the alarm. Before you even get out of bed, place you hand on your heart and recall and recite the Reiki admonitions (modify the language that best works for you—this style works for my kids). Just for today, I will be peaceful; Just for today, I will be relaxed; Just for today, I will be grateful; Just for today, I will work hard; and Just for today, I will be kind to others. Taking relaxed belly breaths during this exercise will help to connect your child to their inner peace and will build their confidence, not to mention the benefits contained in the positive affirmations of these statements.

Reiki 5 Minute Body Scan – The Body Bubble

After you have done your morning routine, rub the palms of your hands together. With the fingers closed, part the hands slightly and bring them back together slowly. Repeat this until you feel the energy moving between your hands. Picture a blue ball of healing and protective light between your hands that is expanding and contracting as your hands move closer together and farther apart. Bring your hands up over your head (crown chakra), and let the hands travel from the top of your head slowly down the front of your body all the way down to your feet. As your hands are travelling the length of your body, imagine the beautiful blue light creating a healing and protective bubble around you. The

ball is a crystal-clear shade of blue, so intend that all the decisions you make this day will be clear. When you have completed the body bubble, take a deep breath, and thank your Reiki


Wishing you love, light and wellness!

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