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Reiki for Prenatal Care

Energy healing is for everyone, even for that special Mom-to-Be!

Reiki’s gentle, non-invasive energy promotes the body's ability to heal and balance itself. The many physiological changes mothers-to-be experience temporarily change the function of the brain, emotions, and overall feeling of well-being. So how can Reiki treatments serve to provide a relief for common symptoms like pregnancy brain, emotional roller coasters, and aches and pains?

Reiki and Pregnancy Brain Most women experience minor memory issues caused by the various maternity hormones [Estrogen, Progesterone, hCG, and hPL] coursing through their bodies during pregnancy and become preoccupied with bringing a new life into the world and feels the weight of the responsibility all over (literally), but most of all in her mind.

Thoughts like, "Will I have a natural delivery or a C-section? Will my child be healthy? Will my body be able to support the demands of the life growing inside of me? How will I recuperate after the birth?" These are just some of the questions that can be running through an expectant mother’s mind daily during her pregnancy. Her life is centered around her and the life she is carrying now (sorry dads).

By clearing and balancing the Root chakra, the seat of original thought and our connection to the earth and our survival, Reiki is able to bring an expectant mother a feeling of peace and acceptance.

Another chakra that needs attention during this process is the Solar Plexus chakra, the seat of personal power. Reiki helps an expectant mother feel more confident about her new mom-to-be status and the decisions she makes, whether this is her first baby or second or third.

Reiki and the Emotional Roller Coaster Emotions can be affected by a number of external circumstances not just the hormones. While a balanced diet and continuing an appropriate exercise routine can help to relieve some of these emotional symptoms during pregnancy, internally, the shift in different hormones a woman experiences can be overwhelming.

The overflow of emotions can show up in the form of outbursts of anger or lots of tears over matters that wouldn't even phase her when she wasn't pregnant.

By clearing and balancing the Sacral and Heart chakras, Reiki helps prenatal clients with unresolved emotions. This can help to bring the mom-to-be a sense of enjoyment of her pregnancy.

Paying special attention to the Throat chakra can ensure that prenatal clients are able to communicate or express their emotions calmly and feel supported by her partner. Clearing the Third Eye chakra during a session also helps give prenatal clients more clarity about situations or decisions that may be causing her to get emotional.

Reiki for Aches and Discomfort Most noticeable are the changes a woman's body goes through during pregnancy. For first timers there are the aches in the lower back that come from the widening of the hips and the body adjusting to the new weight. The joints and ligaments have to stretch to new lengths during this time, and the knees and ankles bear the weight.

Reiki assists with this discomfort by releasing the energetic pressure caused by the weight gain and retention of liquid in the body. Reiki facilitates the flushing out of extra fluids that the body can retain during the later periods of the pregnancy when Reiki is received on a consistent basis. Reiki will also promote a smooth digestion leading to a smoother elimination process.
Crystal Recommendations
As you know, I love to use crystals in my Reiki practice because they also absorb any residual energy that may remain in the body after the clearing of the energy centers. Some of the crystals I use in this practice are:


This crystal has so many benefits, that it is a shame I cannot list them all here, so I will just mention a few: alleviates emotional tension, calmness with awareness, and enhances assimilation of nutrients, treats digestion, and elimination of toxins.


Carnelian's rich warm color reminds me of a piece of candy. This crystal is used to increase physical energy, personal power, creativity, and compassion. It is also good for bringing awareness to the association between emotional state and the inner condition of the self.

Rose Quartz

It just looks calming, doesn't it? This crystal helps to gently remove negativity and reinstate loving, gentle forces of self-love. It brings calmness and clarity to the emotions and restores the mind to harmony after chaotic or crisis situations.

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