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Reiki and the Full Super Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius

We are already starting to hear a lot of buzz around the next full moon because not only will it be another super moon, but it will also be a lunar eclipse.

As Reiki practitioners, we can apply the language of Astrology to our daily Reiki practice. Astrology compliments Reiki by providing you with insight as to what area of your life would benefit from Reiki. To follow is a brief explanation of what the placement of this full moon/lunar eclipse means, and a few ways to apply Reiki to this favorable cycle.

The moon will be at five degrees of Sagittarius, and it falls in the 6th House of the Zodiac—the house of Work, Health and Daily Routines. So, what does all of this mean exactly?

Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign. Sagittarius is represented by the truth seeker, known to have a broad-minded approach, and seeks of the meaning of life. As a mutable sign, the sign of Sagittarius is most influenced by things in its environment; it represents going through life with a continually adaptive view of things. The full moon is a time of reflection and focus on things in our lives that we have been ignoring, or it can bring to light things that we were not aware of. This is a time of releasing old habits, emotions, beliefs, and purging everything that is no longer of service to us or for our highest good. Eclipses bring about transformation and that can include abrupt and sudden changes. Eclipses can also be considered a helping hand from the universe to bring change into areas of our lives where we may be stuck or resistant to change.

So, what have we got so far?

If you were to read this as a sentence, you would understand that you will now become aware the truth behind some of the things in your environment that are no longer serving you or are not the truth of who you are or would like to be. There is a need for transforming or releasing these non-truths when it comes to your daily routines; your health and how you take care of yourself; as well as how you work at your job. And the universe is saying to you now, it is time to make those changes because chances are you are at a decision point during this full moon lunar eclipse where things are coming to a head.

Applying Reiki to these energies: In all these areas of our lives, we can first connect with our Reiki guides and higher self through our Reiki practice and meditative practices to figure out how this full moon/lunar eclipse is going to impact our daily routines, our health, and our work. I recommend checking in with your Reiki guides with your preferred method of communication. My personal preference is channel writing. You can find information on channel writing with your Reiki guides in my article: Channel Writing with Your Reiki Guides.

Let’s begin with health. This is a great time to work on getting an annual physical, change your diet, and create a new exercise routine that fits your schedule. Whatever health issues we may been ignoring, now is the time to recognize the issues and make some changes. As you connect with your Reiki guides during your practice sessions, ask to be shown where your energy is not flowing, or where you need some extra healing. Feel free to incorporate Reiki water or give Reiki to your medications and vitamins during this time to maximize their benefits. There are also specific crystals for things like weight loss (tiger’s eye) and digestion (citrine) that you can use in combination with all the above.

Now let’s look at your daily routines. Do you feel like your daily routines could use a total change? Use Reiki as a tool to improve your daily routines so that you can feel accomplished without draining all your energy. Here, too, you can check in with your Reiki guides and higher self for guidance on how best to go about making changes to your daily routines. You can ask for clarity and guidance and then follow up with intention setting and distance Reiki to manifest the changes you would like to see.

Lastly, what about how you work at your job? Think about what needs to change there. Do you need to find a new job? Would you like to apply for a promotion or ask for a raise? You can send distance Reiki to all these different circumstances asking Reiki to bring your what is for your highest good during your practice. Sometimes we stay at a job because we are comfortable even if it is not aligned with our life purpose or because we are not confident enough to make a change. Checking in with your Reiki guides and higher self to find out what is in alignment with your soul’s purpose or how you can make changes that will create a more fulfilling environment at work is a great place to start.

Sagittarius gives you the curiosity and drive to pursue changes that need to occur in your personal lives that you have either been ignoring or just thinking about making. Before the night of this full moon lunar eclipse (May 26th), take stock of these areas of your life (work, daily routines, and health) to see with clarity and truth what changes need to take place for you to move forward in all these areas of your life.

Full Moon Eclipse & Reiki blessings!

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