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Reiki: A Health Practice or a Spiritual Practice

Published by on August 15, 2021

Reiki. Is it a health practice or a spiritual practice? Can it be or is it considered energy medicine? There are conflicting opinions on these labels.

Reiki works to balance and improve our life force energy. What is life force energy? It is the energy contained within all the cells of our bodies. It is what makes the liver cells work and communicate with the cells of the rest of the digestive system, for example. So, what’s spiritual about that?

Some practitioners and non-practitioners may not believe that Reiki contains a spiritual component to it. Spirituality is not one religion or another, it is our belief system, whatever that may be. Reiki is known to be spiritually guided life force energy. Therefore, any religious belief will do, but no religious belief is needed other than the belief that a higher power exists in the universe. Simply knowing that Reiki is transmitted as universal life force energy through the practitioner with the intention to serve the recipient for their highest and greatest good is sufficient to be the spiritual component of this practice.

It is a health practice in that we employ our skills as practitioners to bring not only balance to the body’s energetic systems, but also to connect the physical body with the emotions and the mind. What? Isn’t my mind connected to my body? Your brain is part of your physical body, but your mind is comprised of your thoughts, your perceptions, and your habits—both learned and hereditary. Just like your emotions may begin in the heart, the residual effects of those emotions can be stored in any part of the body, and they are understood by your mind and recalled by your memory.

Many times, we are unaware of how the thoughts rumbling around in our minds, or how the emotions stored in our bodies affect our overall health. In Reiki, we should discuss physical symptoms with our clients before conducting a session. During a session a practitioner can discover different areas of the body that are affected by the symptoms the client has complained about and can recommend other forms of energy medicine to help support the Reiki healing they receive as well as continuing to attend Reiki sessions.

The spiritual portion comes in as the practitioner is channeling the universal life force energy that will help to unblock, clear, and balance the energetics of the client’s body bringing harmony to all three: the physical, the mental and the emotional. How does this help someone spiritually? When the physical, mental, and emotional bodies are all in harmony, we experience a raising of the vibration. When our vibration is high, we can be more spiritually connected, our thoughts and intuition or gut instincts are clear.

Think of a rock or a crystal. We know a crystal, because of its physical composition, radiates a particular frequency of energy called piezoelectricity. The amount of piezoelectricity that this crystal will radiate may fluctuate when you have used it for a particular purpose. Once you have finished using the crystal, it is recommended that it be cleansed in either salt or water depending on the crystal’s variation. This cleansing will bring the crystal’s piezoelectricity charge or the energy that it radiates back to its normal functioning level.

The same goes for the body’s vibration when we receive Reiki.

Spiritually, Reiki works with the auric field or the biofield. The auric field contains this life force energy that emanates from our bodies that we can’t necessarily see or feel, but it is there, just like the vibration or frequency that is radiated out of our crystals that we can’t see or feel. This field is what provides our physical bodies with information from the outside world, just as it transmits information about our physical bodies to the outside world.

In love and light!

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