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Pillar #2 of the 4 Pathways Wellness Program™

So, now that we know how we are going to support the physical aspect of your being, let’s move onto how we will support the others.

During this journey we will be working not only to relieve your physical symptoms, but we will also be working with your biofield energy. This is also known as the Auric field. The auric field is constantly transmitting energy into and out of your body.

This energy contains information.

What kind of information?

For example, information about your surroundings is coming into your biofield when you step outside your home and realize it is a rainy day; just as information from your biofield is being broadcast outwardly from your body to the world around you where others can perhaps notice or detect what kind of mood you are in.

As we progress through the program, we will address the affects that your healthcare regimen and other factors or circumstances have had on you mentally in the forms of anger, frustration, exhaustion, or lack of joy. This type of mental energy creates blocks in your energy system and in the mental and Ketheric bodies.

The mental body is part of the physical plane and is located at the Solar Plexus chakra.

The Ketheric body is part of the spiritual plane and is located at the Crown chakra.

They physical plane and the spiritual plane are connect by a bridge known as the Astral plane and is located at the Heart chakra.

These blocks can stop or significantly slow the flow of the energy in your biofield leaving you feeling mentally drained and can also create feelings of insecurity.

As I go through the rest of the pillars of this program, you will find there is a common practice in this journey which is releasing and clearing these blocks and getting this energy flowing properly.

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