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Pillar #1 of the 4 Pathways Wellness Program™

So, what do I mean when I speak about supporting your physical wellbeing during the journey we will take in the 4 Pathways Wellness Program™?

Physical pain or symptoms have mental, emotional, and even spiritual components to them. By the time you are experiencing a physical symptom, that dis-ease has already traveled through all the layers of your being to manifest in your physical being. This dis-eased energy in your body will look for where your physical body is weakest, and it will manifest as pain or discomfort. This alerts your conscious mind that something in your overall being is not functioning properly.

When the symptom persists, and we are not getting the relief we seek through over-the-counter self-medicating options, we visit our physician. We describe our symptoms, submit to blood work or some other form of standard test, and we are sent home with prescription medication(s) for the symptom(s), and we begin treatment.

During this journey together, I collect this medical information from you. Why is this important? Because the type of symptom and location tells me a lot about where your symptoms originated from, or at least provide clues as to where the symptoms originate.

I also ask you for information about what parts of you and where in your life you would like to see improvement. Whether it’s your general outlook and beliefs, or things about you that are related to your symptoms. Then we will discuss and set your intentions for the program and where you would like to see improvements in all areas of your wellbeing.

Throughout the program, I continually check-in with you to see where you feel you are improving or not, and if there are any areas in which you would like to focus our work together that you may not have realized needed work in the beginning, we can adjust the program to your needs. Remember this is YOUR health and wellbeing journey.

We begin the journey by working on the etheric body located at the Root chakra and the etheric template located at the Throat chakra. These bodies and chakras represent our original thoughts and our communication, respectively.

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