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Integrative Holistic Wellness for Breast Cancer - Part 2

Part IV – Clearing Away of Unresolved Emotions

This article series is dedicated to my mother, who is a Breast Cancer Survivor.

Let’s discuss how to avoid the build up of negative energy in the body’s energetic system that is a result of unresolved emotions, and how we can keep the physical and energetic bodies in harmony to avoid the reproduction of unhealthy cells and dis-ease.

When we integrate our medical care with practices like mindfulness and holistic wellness therapies such as Reiki, it is scientifically proven to not only improve the physical health of the person, but also significantly improve a person’s mental and emotional health. This combination treats all the layers of a person’s health, and we can see dramatic shifts in their overall wellbeing.

The Health of the Biofield Energy & Chakras

The Sacral chakra is where our emotions are born, after a thought originates in the Root chakra. Emotions stay in the Sacral chakra until the energy of an emotion is expressed. You may express your emotions on paper, verbally, or by acting on your emotions, whether it be positive or negative.

Maintaining the health of this chakra by releasing negative emotions is important as it effects our overall health. Emotions that are not released begin to effect one’s creativity, one’s ability to be productive, and the overall feeling of good health.

In the Solar Plexus, an emotion stirs the “truth” in us. The truth that we cannot hide from because it is our own truth.

We may find ourselves becoming angry, but we may decide not to express it. Choosing to hold onto anger creates another unresolved emotion: resentment.

This is because rather than finding an outlet for the original thought/emotion with expression, now it is suppressed, and it will remain in the Sacral chakra until it is released.

The same holds true for fear. If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with a serious illness, such as breast cancer, not expressing your fear as to the outcome blocks you from allowing your awareness to open your heart to the possibilities of a positive outcome.

Integrative Holistic Wellness for Breast Cancer:

Part V – Clearing Away of Unresolved Emotions

The Health of the Chakras Continued…

In the last part of this series, I provided suggestions about caring for the health of the Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras.

Now we come to the Heart chakra which is an important part of our emotional health as well.

The Heart chakra helps us release the emotions we carry, but it also receives the emotions that surround us.

When an emotion is suppressed for too long, it is possible for us to physically feel tightness in our chest or other sorts of discomfort in the chest area. Sometimes when a woman has not dealt with issues about her own abilities to nurture a relationship with her partner or her own children, this suppression can cause pain in the breasts depending on her cycle.

Fear and anger also grip the heart in a way that does not allow a person to express their emotions. The emotions then become trapped in the body causing further harm.

Had I been able to help my mother with the holistic modalities I began practicing years after her cancer was eliminated, she would have learned the importance of expressing her emotions in ways that would have helped her recover emotionally from her divorce. I would have been able to give her pre-chemo and post-chemo Reiki sessions to alleviate the anxiety she felt before the sessions and the nausea and discomfort she felt after the sessions.

She would have also experienced a safe space with me to express those emotions in a way that would help her to recognize, honor, and release them.

Integrative Holistic Wellness for Breast Cancer:

Part VI – Clearing Away of Unresolved Emotions

In this final portion of the series, we come to address how to treat all the layers of our being.

Western medicine takes care of the physical layer.

But what about the mental, emotional, and spiritual layers of her being?

Without the right support system in our family and friends, this could have become a nightmare rollercoaster of emotions for my mother. She had enough emotional distress to deal with after her shocking divorce.

We know that holistic modalities, such as Reiki, have been administered to people facing a serious illnesses, surgeries, and recovery as part of their healthcare regimen alongside their medical visits, medications, etc., with impressive results in various hospitals around the country.

Integrating the Western methods of pre- and post-surgery with holistic wellness practices such as Reiki and other holistic wellness modalities has been proven to improve rates of recovery, improve a patient’s ability to rest, reduce the amount of recovery time needed, and change a person’s perspective surrounding the outcome of their dis-ease and treatment.

That is because these therapies allow for the release of fear, grief, guilt, anger, sadness and a myriad of emotions that come from a life experience such as this.

These modalities open a channel for physical healing but also support feelings of peace and relaxation that comes from releasing negative emotions.

A cancer diagnosis of any kind can be scary as hell!

A woman who is diagnosed with breast cancer is faced with a barrage of options for treatment and care. Focusing on her mental, emotional, and spiritual health is as important to this process as all the tests, medications, and surgical procedures.

By supporting the mental, emotional, and spiritual layers of her being with integrative holistic wellness modalities when she is about to undergo or has undergone treatment for breast cancer, the holistic therapies significantly improve her overall health and wellness.

Thank you for joining me in this series. It is important to me to share these personal stories with you in order to spread the awareness of the benefits of the work that I am dedicated to bring to our communities.

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