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Integrative Holistic Wellness for Breast Cancer - Part 1

An Explanation of the Effects of Unresolved Emotions

This article series is dedicated to my mother, who is a Breast Cancer Survivor.

After my mother went through a painful divorce from her second marriage in 2004, she discovered a lump in her breast.

I wish I had known back then about all the integrative holistic wellness practices I use to help my clients today.

Breast cancer can develop in the physical body as a result of many different factors. One factor that is often overlooked is a person’s emotional health. In many cases, only the physical body is treated for breast cancer, and the emotional body is ignored, allowing for the possibility of a recurrence of cancer to develop due to unresolved emotions.

In this series, I’d like to share with you how breast cancer can develop from emotional causes, what breast cancer has to do with unresolved emotions, and how integrative holistic modalities can support health and wellness before, during, and after such a diagnosis.

The answers are very simple.

Emotions that are processed in our auric field, move to our energy centers, then to our organs, and down to the cellular level.

Unresolved emotions or emotions that are not dealt with and released, end up manifesting in our physical bodies as ailments. This may begin as depression and many times can end up as different types of dis-ease and chronic illness depending on the severity and duration of the suppressed emotions.

Unfortunately, we live in a society that often tells us that we must be strong in the face of adversity; that we should face our problems head on and barrel through them.

Because of this many women are embarrassed to talk about their experiences with breast cancer. So, they avoid talking about their experiences and suppress the emotions that come with getting such a diagnosis.

Next week, I will cover Emotions and the Chakra System and How they Relate to Breast Cancer.

Integrative Holistic Wellness for Breast Cancer:

Part II - An Explanation of the Effects of Unresolved Emotions

Emotions and the Chakra System

As I mentioned in Part I, unresolved emotions affect all of the layers of our physical being. Bear with me as I get a little technical…

In my mom’s case, the divorce pretty much came as a shock, and it took her a good year to get her emotional footing back. This was when the cancer appeared. She didn’t share much about her pain with us, her family, while she was going through the sale of her home, division of her assets, or the divorce proceedings.

Unresolved emotions are stored at the Sacral chakra, or better known as the navel. The Sacral chakra is responsible for the female reproductive organs, the lymphatic system, and the mammary glands.

The Sacral chakra is the seat of a woman’s ability to create life. The mammary glands contribute to the creation of life as well. The emotions related to those closest to us, such as parents, children and spouses are also related to this chakra.

A human’s ability to love and nurture that begins at the Sacral chakra. These emotions are expressed and received through the Heart chakra. The Heart chakra is responsible for the heart, lungs, and the immune system of our bodies.

Loving and nurturing of our relationships and our children takes energy. This energy that we give, must be either reciprocated or replenished in order for there to be the necessary exchange of energy flow.

When a woman is only focused on caring for others and neglects to care for herself, the fulfilling emotions that develop from loving and nurturing over time can become negative emotions such as anger, resentment, and hostility when the loving and nurturing is not reciprocated or replenished.

Just as a tank of gas in our cars runs out and needs to be refilled in order for our car to continue running, so, too, should the heart’s well of emotions be refilled with loving and nurturing.

Unresolved and suppressed emotions resulting from situations like the dealing with the end of a relationship or marriage, the death of a loved one, and even working in a hostile or stressful environment will most definitely manifest themselves in our physical bodies, namely in the heart as different heart conditions; in our respiratory system in the form of common infections and asthma; pain in the breasts during and around menstruation; and the development of cysts, masses, and even tumors.Other symptoms that can arise from unresolved emotions are pain in the thoracic spine, neck and shoulder pain, and also headaches.

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