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From Grief to Peace - A Second Look

From Grief to Peace – A Second Look

In 2018 I wrote an article of how I overcame the grief of loss with the use of Reiki and other holistic modalities. From Greif to Peace.

Grief has come to visit me once more with the unexpected loss of my father. While it has been a short time since his passing, and the wound of loss is still very fresh, I feel as though writing this may help others going through the same thing at this time. With all the deaths around the world due to the pandemic, I believe that these words could be very comforting for others whether your loved one passed on due to complications from the virus or not.

For those of us who are empaths, healers, and Reiki practitioners, we understand that when a loved one passes on, it is just that. They have just passed on to another realm. To us, their souls live on. I find that very comforting, especially when I receive signs from my loved ones who have passed on, including my father.

So, what advice do I have for those who have lost a loved one during these times? What energetic guidance can I provide to others?

First, it is my belief that there is a transition of souls on this planet happening currently. The souls that have left the planet in the past couple of years, have done so because they have completed their missions here on earth and with us. It is my belief that they were part of the planet’s move towards the ascension we are now seeing in real time. It brings me comfort to know that their deaths have not been in vain because they touched our lives and prepared us for what is to come.

Are we ready? If we are not, we had better start working on getting ready for the massive shifts in consciousness that will continue to occur. How do you do this? Start tapping into your consciousness. Ask you higher self questions about your purpose and journey and how to go about raising your consciousness and journal those responses. Start practicing or receiving energy healing. Ground yourself and connect with Gaia’s energies to fill your physical body and auric field with the fortifying energies of the planet.

Second, practice love and compassion. Many of us get into the habit of judgment. We judge our family members, our neighbors, and our leaders. We judge people of different faiths, skin color, or sexual preference. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why you judge one person and not the other? Have you ever asked yourself whether your judgments were a result of beliefs held by your parents or social influence? Can you make room in your heart to forgive yourself for your past judgments and look at others with the eyes of love and compassion? Accepting their different opinions or lifestyles as just that: different; instead of thinking everything about you and your beliefs is the right way to be. Would it be so terrible to say to a stranger, “I see your struggle. I may not have much with which to help you, but what I can be is compassionate towards you.” When it is your time to cross over, what is the legacy you want to leave behind? Will it be a legacy of judgment and resentment, or one of peace, love, and compassion? I choose the latter.

Third, easing the grief of losing a loved one is a long road; one that many are not able to handle very well, yet we must accept that everyone handles grief differently. The main thing to keep in mind is that your feelings, whether they be of sadness, anger, or disappointment, are YOUR feelings. And it is okay to feel these emotions whatever they may be. It is also okay to express them. Do not hold them in your body unexpressed. Find ways to channel those emotions that will help you just a little bit every day to release the emotions and accept that we, who are still here, are meant to soldier on. If you need to cry, then cry. If you need to spend a day in bed and watch something mindless, then do that. But also dedicate some time to dealing with your emotions by walking outdoors, meditating, journaling, writing soul letters to your departed loved ones. Listening to soothing sound healing while you go about your daily tasks is extremely helpful as well as when you are doing any of the things I just mentioned.

Fourth, if you are not already some sort of holistic practitioner, seek out practitioners who are doing in-person or distance healing sessions. Whether it be Reiki or sound healing, crystals or chromotherapy, or even someone who does spiritual readings can help us with releasing emotions that we are having trouble processing. Create a holistic routine for yourself for the tough days like preparing salt scrubs or bathing in different types of herbs. These two practices are a great way to cleanse the auric field and raise your vibration. My personal favorite is getting in the kitchen with my oils and salts and creating healing scrubs that will help me raise my vibration on days when my sadness keeps me from holding my highest vibration. Try not to do anything in excess, especially when drinking alcohol or other mood- or mind-altering substances because they tend to lower our vibration and take us to some of the darker places in our psyche.

May you reach your peace with ease and grace.

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