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Energy Healing for the Aquarius Cycle 2023

What better way to kick off this new energy healing informative format than with the energy of Aquarius where I want to help you create real healing for yourselves.

The energy of Aquarius is that of community, friendships, and connections. It also represents altruism, independence, innovation, philanthropy, progress, and rebellion. People born under the sign of Aquarius are said to be cerebral, detached, eccentric, egalitarian and friendly.

Aquarius is a fixed air sign. It is the last of the air signs which makes it a mutable sign. Mutable means that the changes it can bring are fluid and changeable (Uranus), even though its fixed nature likes to have things that are stable (Saturn).

Let’s talk about the one attribute under this sign that I believe may need emotional healing: Self-sacrifice.

We often think that self-sacrifice is what being a good person is all about. But what happens when that self-sacrifice is harmful to our self-esteem or creates a situation in our lives where we are taken advantage of?

Healing this part of ourselves can take some introspection, and you guessed it, journaling! Here are a few journal prompt ideas to get you started:

  • What the emotions that come up within me when I am doing something for someone else that does not resonate with me?

  • How can I heal the emotions that come up when I feel like I am being taken advantage of?

  • How can I learn to say no when what I am being asked to do is too much for me now?

The point of this journaling exercise is to identify (a) when your emotional cup is full enough to give; (b) what asks are you willing to fulfill—not out of duty—but out of love; and (c) what your boundaries are.

When it comes to self-sacrifice, do you know what your limits are? Do you have clear boundaries, or do you need to make your boundaries clear? Are you afraid of speaking your boundaries into existence or speaking to those who abuse of your boundaries because you lack self-confidence to do so? Are you afraid that they will call you selfish?

Self-care is the exact opposite of that. Self-care needs your full attention and your full dedication regardless of how much time you have for it. Instead of offering your free time or doing acts of service for others, give yourself permission to say no to things you don’t have time or energy for. Learn to politely decline or respond with a “let me check my schedule, and I’ll let you know…”

Your self-esteem should not suffer because you have decided to say no to something or someone. Remember that you have your own inner strength to accept or reject anything that doesn’t resonate with your own needs. And you are still a good person if you reject serving another.

Here are some self-care tips and exercises to help you heal emotionally from the self-sacrificing emotions:

During Aquarius season author, Stephanie Gailing[1] writes that the areas of health to focus on are the lower legs, the ankles, the retina, and the bioelectrical system, “the electromagnetic waves inherent in, and radiating from, all body cells.”

I am going to focus on the last suggestion because this is where I can help you focus your emotional healing the most—the energy that radiates from all the cells of our bodies.

The best wellness therapies for this are receiving acupuncture, Reiki, or combining dance, martial arts, yoga, and movement therapy, which is known as the NIA Technique.

This is a great way for you to fill your emotional cup and do something selflessly for yourself before you selflessly give to others. All these wellness therapies have the capability to raise the vibration of every cell in your body which ultimately makes you feel good. You can choose to do each of these separately, and that’s still good too!

Relaxation practices that also promote emotional healing intended for the Aquarius cycle are Qigong, mineral salt baths, and volunteering. Yes, I said it, give to receive. This is very nurturing and healing at the same time. Sounds like a contradiction between not self-sacrificing and volunteering, but it’s not.

If you have a yearning to contribute to your community after you’ve taken care of filling your emotional cup, then go for it! This is where the journaling work you did earlier will help you to see where you are comfortable giving of yourself and where you are not. Where you can volunteer and where you will not. Something as simple as cleaning out your closet (self-care) and donating the unwanted items to your local charity (volunteering) can kill two birds with one stone!

Yoga poses that are beneficial during this Aquarius cycle are (1) Downward facing dog (Adho Mukha Savasana), Noose (Pashasana), and Reclining Big Toe (Supta Padangusthasana).

The energy of Aquarius and its planets is great for healing the emotions of guilt or shame when we say no to something that we would normally agree to do even if we did not want to. Saturn is the ruler of time, and Uranus is the ruler of electricity. Think about these two planets in association with what we have just discussed.

Do we have time to be helpful or volunteer for others? Do we have the energy? Do we feel guilty for not having either one? Healing the part of ourselves that feels like they always must be helping others is another aspect. Saturn can help us create time for ourselves and create time for others. Uranus can help us get creative how we can help others while still caring for ourselves. Uranus also rules the element of surprise, so you may be surprised at how well your NO THANK YOU’S are taken (of course, you may be surprised at negative reactions as well).

So, the nitty gritty of doing healing work with Aquarius energy is this:

Honor your need for freedom! Where in your life do you feel like you need to feel freer? Maybe it’s in the way you express your unique way of being? Aquarius is a sign of uniqueness and enjoying being different.

Share some of your thoughts around this process by emailing me, and I will share information on beneficial crystals and oils as well as other natural remedies that can be used during this Aquarian cycle.

Look for my next article on the 11th House – The House of Aquarius. This house deals with your aspirations, associations, and your connections.

[1] The Complete Guide to Astrological Self-Care, Published by Wellfleet Press 2021

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