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Channel Writing with Your Reiki Guides

Developing a communicative connection with your Reiki guides can be learned quite easily. I use the method of channel writing. Channel writing provides me not only with answers to my questions, but it also helps me in separating the needs and wants of my ego from the divine messages.

One way that this can be done is by consciously turning your Reiki energy on in which ever method you prefer, and asking “What would my Reiki guides like me to know in this moment?” You can sit at your computer and type your communications, but I personally prefer taking pen to paper and handwriting my communications in a dedicated journal.

You may think this is too simple a process. You may also be wondering how it is you will know whether you are receiving information from your Reiki guides or if its just your ego mind talking. When you receive negative messages or self-defeating information, that is your ego. Use a different journal to brain dump all the things your ego wants to express. If you practice journaling regularly, you will be able to notice the difference easily.

When our guides speak to us, they do so in a loving, patient, and gentle manner. There are a few simple things that you can do to ensure you are getting information only from your guides and not your ego. After taking a few deep breaths to center yourself and connecting with Reiki in your usual manner, you can consciously direct your ego to quiet down or turn off. You can imagine your ego as anything you want. This method of consciously envisioning yourself turning off your ego for the period when you are writing works incredibly well.

I picture mine as a whining four-year-old, but you can see your ego as a light switch or any kind of object that can be turned off with the flick of a switch. How do I quiet down my whiney four-year-old ego? I imagine walking her into another room, handing her a tablet playing her favorite movie, sit her down on the couch, and let myself out of the room. I can now bring my focus back to my breath and my writing, and I begin to write the questions that I need to ask.

I will write a question like, “What would my Reiki guides like me to know in this moment,” or “What would my Reiki guides like me to know about my client XYZ today?” I pause to make sure that I am centered in my heart, and as I begin to hear the words in my mind I begin writing. You may hear the responses in your mind, or you may see the words in your mind. It just depends on which one of your Claire senses is most developed.

Even if you are not a Reiki practitioner, this practice of channel writing works for anyone who is interested in beginning a communicative practice with their higher self and spirit guides. After you get into the habit of asking what they would like you to know today or in this moment, you can begin to ask a variety of different questions pertaining to your personal journey.

Reiki blessings to all!

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