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Friday, September 22, 2023

It's that season once more when daylight hours decrease, and nights extend. The climate begins to change, and even the sky dons a distinct shade of blue. The sun no longer scorches as it did during June, July, and August, and it becomes enjoyable to sit outdoors as the sun sets.

The year is drawing to an end, and soon, we'll be celebrating the holidays with loved ones and friends. This is my preferred season of the year. It's always a period when I reflect on my experiences and set goals for the future.

This year, I'm sharing my approach with you to offer some inspiration on how you can commemorate and relish the Fall Equinox.

Let's start with this question:

Here are some practices you can consider embracing during your Fall Equinox celebrations, aimed at helping you harmonize your inner and outer worlds while paying tribute to the equilibrium and duality of daylight and nighttime.


Celebrate Personal Harvests of Past Intentions

  • What intentions did you set at the summer solstice that you are enjoying now?

  • Self-reflect on what Summer season unlocked for you

  • Make a “I let go” list of what you want to release from Summer

Assess and Update your Routines

  • Are you getting enough rest and/or exercise?

  • Bake or cook with roots, apples, etc.

  • Enjoy nice spiced tea or coffee. Drink intentionally. Reflect on what you are grateful for.

Make a Seasonal Altar

  • Get an apple and place a coin next to it on your altar to bring prosperity

  • Crystal grid containing clear quartz, amber, aquamarine, opal, aventurine, and citrine

Create a Gratitude Practice

  • Set intentions for Fall season which lasts until December 21

  • Light a candle and meditate to receive future glimpses of the new season

Outer World

Organize and clear clutter in your closet, Bring in the fall vibe with home décor

  • A great time to update your wardrobe, but also focus on your lounge-wear, pajamas, all the things you like to wear at home and are comfy and cozy—get rid of anything stained, ripped, or holey

  • Freshen up your living room with new pillow covers, add some pumpkins, new fall kitchen towels

  • Decorate space with seasonal fruits like pumpkin

Experience nature through your senses

  • Walk or forage in nature

  • Early morning or late afternoon walks

  • Visit a pumpkin patch, farmer’s market or spend time outdoors to recharge

Complete unfinished projects

  • Holidays are coming and you may want to tackle a few unfinished home projects so you are ready to receive friends and family when the time comes

  • Clear clutter and organize your home

  • Then, pass a cinnamon broom for abundance

Crystals for the Fall Equinox

Clear Quartz



For clarity of outlook and optimism for the coming season

Hold for reassurance of prosperity and protection

Seek balance and harmony at this transitional moment of the year




Reflect on the summer days and visualize what you’d like to achieve in the autumn

Be mindful of a balance of male and female energy; acting with compassion

Appreciate the abundance enjoyed in the longer days before and count your blessings

In the next issue: We will be back for the celebration of the Winter Solstice in December!

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