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Capricorn Season

December 22 - January 19

Earth Element

Colors associated with Capricorn are Brown and Grey.

Parts of the body associated with Capricorn are the skeletal system, including bones, cartilage, and teeth; the joints and the knees; and the skin.

Capricorn characteristics include being ambitious, committed, conservative, disciplined, frugal, hardworking, loyal, persistent, pragmatic, sarcastic, straightforward and like structure.

Ruling Planet


Saturn, the planet famous for its intricately structured orbiting rings is the ruler of Capricorn.  Saturn was the Roman god of wealth and agriculture.  His counterpart in Greek mythology was Kronos.  In astrology, Saturn represents time, limitations, rules, and responsibilities, all integral aspects of the ability to turn ideas into reality.

House of Rulership

The Tenth House

The Tenth House is known as the house of public image and ambitions.  This house is also associated with things like reputation, defining our role in the world, our social status, the work we do for fulfillment as in our career.

Physical Attributes of Capricorn

Areas of Health Focus

The sign of Capricorn is associated with the skeletal system, including the bones, cartilage, and teeth -- that provide you with structure; the joints and the knees -- the bending of which is integral to your ability to move forward in this world; and the skin, the protective barrier that encompasses and defines your form.

Yoga Poses for Capricorn Season




Hero Pose

Mountain Pose

Chair Pose

Chakra Work

Chakras for Capricorn Season

The Chakra you can work with for Capricorn season is the Root chakra.

Crystals for Capricorn Season

Smokey Quartz

Black Tourmaline

Tiger Eye

Smokey Quartz can be used to gently dissolve negative energies and emotional blockages.  The energy of this mineral can penetrate and transform negative emotions and negative energy patterns that have been generated from negative thought forms, anger, and resentment.  This stone also provides balancing of the yin-yang energy and can be used to facilitate the alignment of the meridians of the physical body with those of the ethereal body.  It can assist with the balancing of the mind, physical energetic balance, and balancing and attuning the energies required for spiritual development.

Black Tourmaline can be used to both repel and protect against negativity.  It can also be used as an energy deflector.  It provides an increase in one's physical vitality, emotional stability, and intellectual acuity, and can maintain one's "spirits" even in conditions which appear to emit the message of "gloom and doom."  I prefer to use this crystal in my healing sessions to provide my clients with the benefits of grounding that come from this crystal because it connects the first chakra to the center of the earth.

This mineral brings together the vibrations of sand and sunlight, synthesizing the energies of the Sun and the Earth.  It is helpful for individuals seeking clarity; it can be used to enhance the psychic abilities and can assist in the gentle attunement of third-eye activity.  This stone also provides for the balancing of yin-yang energy, and it further assists in the integration and balancing of both hemispheres of the brain, bringing awareness to perception.

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