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Bottom Line: Integrative Holistic Wellness is Not a 'Magic Pill'

Integrative Holistic Wellness is NOT a "magic pill." Holistic modalities create an opportunity for us to become aware of how each layer of our being works together and affects us as a whole. Meaning that no layer is separate and apart from the other. What affects the emotions affects you physically; and what affects you mentally, affects you on a spiritual level.

You CAN thrive even if you live with specific conditions. How does this help you? By addressing and supporting your emotional, mental, and even spiritual care along with the care you give to the physical part of you.

Why would you be interested in a program that offers integrative holistic wellness? Because by caring for all the layers of your being, you will experience a transformation in your wellbeing from the inside out. Some symptoms can even be decreased significantly as we go through an integrative holistic wellness healing program.

Our physical wellbeing is typically the part of us that we are most aware of. The aches and pains, the deficiencies we notice in our bodies, and the worry that the symptoms may cause us due to uncertainty and vague medical diagnosis.

What we don't see off the bat are the emotional consequence of these worries, or the emotional consequences of seeing doctors and specialists repeatedly, trying out all kinds of new medications and still not seeing the results we were hoping for. This leads to further imbalance, and possibly a worsening of symptoms.

Mentally, we can become frustrated with the constant upkeep of appointments, tracking medications and their side effects, and end up looking for answers online when our medical practitioners can’t seem to get it right.

Spiritually, we may be wondering why our prayers for health and wellness are not being answered.

I find that the answer is simple, and it is what helped me on my own healing journey that led me to discovering my passion and my life’s purpose. We must work from the inside out. We must address our internal self-talk, our deeply buried emotions from past traumas, and our examine our beliefs. Our physical bodies will manifest the unresolved issues in the different layers of our being if they go unaddressed or untreated for long periods of time.

By connecting all of these layers of our being, we can expand our knowledge about how we can achieve wellness even if we cannot cure all our ailments. The result of this reconnection is actually being able to thrive despite our health conditions.

Wishing you health and wellbeing!


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